JLB Wholesale specialises in the discreet disposal of branded fast moving consumer goods (FMCG's). Our experience and complete professionalism make us a viable option for multinational manufacturers.

JLB Wholsesale is a twenty-four hour business buying all types of products in large quantities, packaged or loose, with or without a barcode. Whether it is a full container load or a few small boxes JLB Wholsesale will evaluate your consignment and make you a competitive offer.

Here at JLB we understand that discretion is the key and any product purchased from you will not be advertised around the country. Due to us having strong relationships with logistics partners it allows us the financial muscle to store stock over a period of time, filtering it into the market slowly. If needs be JLB Wholesale can offer a full repackaging service.

JLB Wholesale has the buying power, storage facility and expertise in dealing with surplus stock. We guarantee to have all products paid and cleared within twenty-four hours of any finalised deal.

By using JLB Wholesale as your Residual Stock Management Trading partner you can concentrate on your core business enabling you to make big savings on:

  • Management time
  • Warehousing
  • Cash flow