We can supply national retailers, small private retailers and wholesalers, anywhere in the UK and Europe.

We always pay cash in advance unlike our competitors.

We break down stock into small parcels choosing to filter the product into the market slowly. Unlike our competitors, we do not 'flood' the marketplace with excess inventory.

We have a large database of customers throughout throughout the UK and Europe so placing stock quickly and efficiently is not a problem.

We can help your organisation achieve sales on obsolete inventory that may have to be destroyed at a cost.

We buy

  • Cancelled export orders
  • Incorrectly labelled products
  • Cancelled product promotions
  • Realisation of stocks prior to financial period ends
  • Short dated stock
  • Out of date stock
  • Manufacturers with Private Label stocks either for export, disclaiming or re-labelling

If you have a product that falls into one of the above categories then give us a call and JLB will clear it all.